A Full Circle In Tax And Financial Services

Personal Tax Consulting

A Tax Services Company with the focus on individual tax consultancy. Magnus has a wealth of experience, offering tax services to those employed, self-employed or contracting.
We have a streamlined, efficient system supported by competent back office staff. What makes Magnus unique is we offer a monthly service as opposed to an annual service, thus achieving consistent, current and long-term relationships.

What We Do Best

  • Fast, efficient, hassle free tax calculations and submissions using the latest software.
  • Checking of assessed results and objections for incorrect assessments.
  • Personal all year round service ensuring you get the most up to date information.
  • Financial advice, Retirement Planning plus many other invaluable services are offered directly by Authorised Momentum Agents.

Travel Allowance

Do you have one or do you need one? There are a few misconceptions surrounding travel allowance, so we spell it out in plain terms. Travel allowance which is also referred to as car allowance may often be incorporated into an individuals salary as part of their income. This will form part of the monthly salary together with other income such as basic or commission, but the tax on travel allowance is calculated differently from these other items.